Geo-Location Based Order Management

Prevent data re-entry, save time & reduce input errors with integrated geo-location based order management.


Drive Your Success with Geo-Location Based Order Management






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Key Features

Dynamic Control

More dynamic control over the field sales force with the mobile order management system

Simple Interface

Simple and intuitive interface of order entry templatized for every industry for faster onboarding

Live Updates

Live update any change in the delivery locations simply using the GPS from the mobile device

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How Geo-Location Based Order Management Works

Geocode the location of your primary distributors, warehouses, depots, fulfilment centres.
Integrate with their existing ERP or add Nuport’s proprietary ordering system on both web or mobile.
Based on ordering patterns or consumptions patterns, Nuport will auto-generate orders to save human effort.
Measure region-based KPIs and generate performance reports automatically.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Usually, a distribution point list of 100 or more would make automation extremely necessary.

If you are trying to reduce manual delivery planning, then Nuport is for you. It depends on the volume of transactions and manual work that can be saved through automation. I am sure we can accommodate something that is suited to your budget.

Nuport has a fleet management component that allows you to monitor the status of your fleet.

We have the platform that might be all you need. Talk to sales.

Absolutely! Nuport's integrated order management is precisely designed to eliminate double entry. Moreover, Nuport is able to pull data from your existing systems without the need for re-entry.

In a distribution process, the delaying of delivery challan submission usually delays the billing cycle. It is because during billing, the delivery challan must also be attached. The manual challan takes days, sometimes weeks to be submitted to the accounting department. Nuport provides a driver-partner application through which the delivery challan is submitted instantly at the point of delivery when the delivery is completed.

Nuport has a delivery orchestration platform that enables automation in order processing and customer service. All the applications such as merchant app, dispatch app, delivery partner app will be integrated to bring about the most value for your business. The only thing you have to worry about is to keep up with your increasing demand.

Nuport is a software that brings automation towards your existing distribution process. If you already have an ERP, Nuport will first identify the areas that requires automation to reduce your processing or documentation time. Next, the team will integrate our software to your backend to ensure data consistency.


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